Sammy V. | International Violinist in Toronto, Miami and All Across North America - Toronto Violinist

Often referred to as “Master of the Violin,” SAMMY V is a fourth generation celebrity violinist.


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Sammy V. | International Violinist in Toronto, Miami and All Across North America - Toronto Violinist




When it comes to choosing the right live entertainment for your most special nights, there are numerous variables to be taken into consideration to get the most out of your budget especially when this event is your wedding; a party you cannot really repeat, unless you’re planning to have it multiple times in your life time :D, joking...

Every single couple goes through pretty much the same steps/protocols prior to their event date however not everyone’s needs or expectations are the same. Some of us like indoor venues to be on the safe side whereas some of us would like to have our most precious moments in a beautiful Toronto summer weather and prefer outdoor venues over indoors. It’s even more detailed and crucial when it comes to the right live entertainment selection for the right crowd with the right performance type and genre.

So there several questions to be asked here and the good news is there are no wrong answers!

  • Which one matters more for you? Is it what you want or what your crowd will appreciate more?
  • Do you OR your crowd appreciate an interactive shows with full of energy or a low key background performance while they’re seated and enjoying their food and drinks?
  • If I choose to go with one of these 2 options, Can I change my mind last minute depending on the flow of the night? Can all performers accommodate both?
  • Is there any price difference between a background performer and a showman?
  • And most importantly, How much does this decision effect the flow of the night?


My answers for these 5 important questions are as below based on 18 years of experience in the live entertainment industry:

  • If you think that this is your night and you’re paying for everything head to toe and would like to enjoy every second of your night, you’re more than welcome to do so and this is your right! So it’s all up to you and your beloved one’s taste now, you do not have to take into consideration any other one’s decision when you are making your selection. However, if you care more about what your crowd likes, enjoys and appreciated better, then you have to know your crowd and give them what they want.
  • This questions directly concentrates on your or your loved ones personality, background and characteristics since it’s completely subjective. All you need to know is which one is for you and which one is not. If you are juggling in between 2 options, why not choose both?
  • Not all performers are able to deliver both types of performances at their finest, reason being performers are also human as we are and these qualifications are the results of years of practice, experience and needless to say a God given talent! So 90% of the artists you will come across in the entertainment market most likely are specialized in either or but there’s a small number of artists who can accommodate both and they are very rare to find and obviously they charge higher than any other performer in the market. So if you want the flexibility, be ready to pay some extra!
  • Shows generally are more expensive than low key background performances since they are harder to find and book in terms of their busy schedule, but it doesn’t mean background performances are not good enough. It’s just the right performance for the right place, time and crowd!
  • Your decision about the right live entertainment selection will either shine or screw your night! So make sure what you’re booking matches what you’re looking!

I hope this article helps you understand the importance of right live entertainment selection and as I said, there’re no right or wrong answers for any of these questions, it’s your night and your choice!